TCPA fines are on the rise because of how easy fake leads have become to sell.

All those data breaches make it simple and inexpensive for fraudulent companies to fill your forms with fake leads.
For them, it’s good business – they get paid, you lose out AND you get stuck with a TCPA fine.

SecureLead stops the flow of fraud!
Keep your profits where they belong – with you!

Contact us today to find how you can more easily:

    • Identify bot fraud.
    • Only pass human submissions on to call center
    • Use advanced geotargeting to determine where the form was filled out
    • Give each form a tracking number before it is saved and stored.

Fight Fraud with Reliable Results

“Oxford has transformed the way we look at our traffic.
Bots are a top concern of ours and nobody has taken a stance against sophisticated and malicious fraud tactics like Oxford BioChronometrics.”

John L.
uses SecureLeads, SecureAd

When you’re generating leads, fraud costs you big bucks – not just because it makes you less efficient, but because fraud leads to fines for TCPA violations. Those fines add up fast and can wipe out your profits.

We can help you fight fraud and those fines with SecureLead, designed to detect and block fraud before it hits your call center. And once you do call a lead, you have the evidence you need that it was real thanks to our comprehensive client dashboard. Its simple, intuitive design gives easy access to the reports required for all your relevant compliance needs.

In addition to our client testimonies and real-world, proven results, we are the only ones in this business to be singled out by NATO as “most promising technology” with the Defense Innovation Award for 2017.

Fighting fraud is our business. Let us get you started today.

Because Speed is Everything

Our products stop the flow of fraud and put actionable data at your fingertips in less than 1 second. That’s right – we return proof positive in milliseconds – 10x faster than anybody else!

The reason we can be so fast is that our AI was designed for cybersecurity-based behavioral analysis. That needs to happen fast, so we built it to work in about 600 milliseconds. We use the same artificial intelligence and machine learning for your leads, meaning we make your speed to lead even faster.

Why can’t the other guys be this fast?
Other solutions don’t look at what’s actually happening, have to cross-reference lists, compare black lists and white lists and compare addresses and so on – that’s a lot slower and those lists could very likely be faulty. That means with other solutions, you’re not fully protected from TCPA fines.

That picture above is the evidence you’ll have at your fingertips to confront any claims that you violated TCPA.

What is TCPA?

What is the TCPA?
The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was established in 1991 in order to regulate the use of automated dialers, especially sequential dialers, and protect the privacy of consumers.

Since these types of calls are not going away and TCPA cases are the second-most-filed type of litigation in federal court,

What lead gen activities violate the TCPA?
Any activity that handles potential leads without prior express written consent by the consumer violates TCPA.
This includes auto-dialing, sequential dialing, fax blasting, artificial or pre-recorded messages and SMS/MMS blasting.
If you do any of these, it is only a matter of time before you are fined.

Can I get a TCPA fine even if I have a completed contact request form from my website?
Yes! An individual or state Attorney General may still claim that you contacted consumers improperly. If you can’t provide evidence that the specific individual(s) filled out your form, you may still get charged fines and penalties.

How much are TCPA fines?
A consumer can file individually for damages, which, if awarded, will be between $500 and $1500 per call, text or fax.
A state Attorney General can initiate an action on behalf of its residents and pursue the same fees for thousands or even millions of consumers.
A complaint filed with the FCC can also trigger enforement action, which could lead to very large penalties – in some cases reported up to almost $20,000 per call or text!

How does fraud play a role in my TCPA compliance?
One of the biggest problems the industry has right now is the fact that there have been so many breaches of consumers’ personal information lately. Equifax, CapitalOne, Marriot and many others have inadvertantly supplied the black market with millions of names, phone numbers and other information that makes it easy for shady actors to set up bots that auto-fill forms with real information. For them it works great – they get paid for the lead and never see the consequences.

But when that individual files a claim because it wasn’t really them, it was a criminal with stolen information that filled out the form, you could be in trouble. Since many solutions only check to see if a few data points match a white or black list, you can think you’re doing everything right and still get hit with fines.

A better solution with more sophisticated technology – like SecureLead – will help you make sure the individual your sales team calls truly requested the call. SecureLead can give you that assurance in about 600 milliseconds – more than 10 times faster than our fastest competitors.

In short, your speed to lead gets even faster when you eliminate fraud with SecureLead.

Have more questions about TCPA violations, fraud and how to make sure you’re compliant?
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How Fraud Happens

The first step to protecting your leads is understanding how they happen.

Fraud flows easily within your lead generation system. Fraudsters and other criminals know exactly how to trick common systems by using data from hacks and other breaches (and there have been a lot of them lately). That’s why we developed our AI to understand how the fraudsters behave, detect that behavior and return a result in under 1 second.

The only way to stop fraud is to detect it quickly and reliably using a fine-tuned detection method like SecureLead.


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