Fight Fraud with Reliable Results

“Oxford has transformed the way we look at our traffic.
Bots are a top concern of ours and nobody has taken a stance against sophisticated and malicious fraud tactics like Oxford BioChronometrics.”

John L.
uses SecureLeads, SecureAd

When you’re generating leads, fraud costs you big bucks – not just because it makes you less efficient, but because fraud leads to fines for TCPA violations. Those fines add up fast and can wipe out your profits.

We can help you fight fraud and those fines with SecureLead, designed to detect and block fraud before it hits your call center. And once you do call a lead, you have the evidence you need that it was real thanks to our comprehensive client dashboard. Its simple, intuitive design gives easy access to the reports required for all your relevant compliance needs.

In addition to our client testimonies and real-world, proven results, we are the only ones in this business to be singled out by NATO as “most promising technology” with the Defense Innovation Award for 2017.

Fighting fraud is our business. Let us get you started today.