Because Speed is Everything

Our products stop the flow of fraud and put actionable data at your fingertips in less than 1 second. That’s right – we return proof positive in milliseconds – 10x faster than anybody else!

The reason we can be so fast is that our AI was designed for cybersecurity-based behavioral analysis. That needs to happen fast, so we built it to work in about 600 milliseconds. We use the same artificial intelligence and machine learning for your leads, meaning we make your speed to lead even faster.

Why can’t the other guys be this fast?
Other solutions don’t look at what’s actually happening, have to cross-reference lists, compare black lists and white lists and compare addresses and so on – that’s a lot slower and those lists could very likely be faulty. That means with other solutions, you’re not fully protected from TCPA fines.

That picture above is the evidence you’ll have at your fingertips to confront any claims that you violated TCPA.